How to Build Your Own Garden Boxes

A 3 minute read, Posted on Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Garden boxes, also called raised gardens, are an excellent way to create a home garden to provide your home with fruits, vegetables, herbs, or to just grow some beautiful flowers. Building your own garden boxes saves you the effort of having to dig an in-ground garden, and is a great activity to get the kids involved with, too!

There are a few different ways to build your own garden boxes:

Wooden Garden Boxes

First, find an adequate location for your future garden. Somewhere with lots of sunlight (preferably a south-facing plot) is the best place for your box to rest. Once you have decided the location, position four wooden corner posts either in the soil or on top of the ground. Plan accordingly whichever way you decide. These posts should be at least the same height or a few inches taller/deeper than your box. Bigger boxes may require center posts on the long sides for stability.

Using 2x4s, place your side walls. The length of the boards should be equal to the distance from the far edges of each of the attachment posts. Drill or nail the boards into place using appropriate tools. Attach the boards directly to the posts. Once the box has been created, a barrier layer is necessary to keep out weeds and pests. You can pick up a barrier cloth at any garden store in your town. Next, place a weed cloth/barrier on top of the barrier cloth to prevent weeds from growing up into your new garden. Newspaper may also be used as a weed barrier instead of a purchased cloth. Be sure that the weed barrier is secured to the inside walls of the garden box.

Add your soil to the garden box. Be sure to add plenty of nutritious soil, as your plants are not going to be able to draw up nutrients from the ground. Next, plant your seeds or seedlings and enjoy watching your garden grow and thrive!

Recycled Garden Boxes

An additional option for creating your own garden box is to recycled old cabinets with drawers. An old metal filing cabinet is a great alternative to a wooden garden box and only requires a bit of preparation.

Remove the drawers and sand the inside. Be sure there is no rust. Once the drawers are removed and the inside is well-sanded, turn the back of cabinet into the base so it is flush against the ground. You will now have the base of your garden box. Line the cabinet with a weed liner or other such liner to protect the metal from becoming too quickly damaged. Additionally, be sure there is adequate drainage in the bottom of your filing cabinet garden box. River rocks and gravel are great ways to accommodate this. Lastly, fill with your soil and get to planting!

Whether you decide to build your own box or repurpose an old cabinet, you can have your own raised garden box and experience the enjoyment of home gardening!