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Bible verses by topic:
Understanding the Bible, one subject at a time

These Bible verses about topics and resources for further Bible study have been organized into collections to help us understand what the Bible says, verse by verse and one subject at a time.

The Bible is the written account of what our Almighty God and Heavenly Father wants to tell us, and so it is very important that we know what it says. By studying the Bible subject by subject and considering all the Bible verses about a certain topic, whether they are from the Old Testament or the New, we can arrive at more complete ideas about what the Bible really says and what God is telling us in the Scriptures.

Bible verses for life:
Understanding the Bible to transform our lives

We must read the Bible carefully and consider the Bible verses themselves to see what they teach us, but we shouldn’t stop there. The purpose of hearing and reading the Bible is to use our minds to feed our faith and to fan the flames of love in our heart to lead us onto greater service and worship.

It is not enough to simply study the Bible as a goal in itself – we must apply the lessons we learn to our lives. By praying for wisdom and illumination, we can see what we are doing right or wrong and through the help and power of God we can improve our lives beyond measure.

If we study the Bible we will know what we ought to do and then we can apply the living faith we have been given to doing good—to loving God with all our hearts and with all our mind and to loving everyone around us as ourselves.

If we let Him, God is able to do marvellous things in the lives of His children and, if we start with ourselves, we just may be able to change our world for the better, one person at a time.

Making sense of the Bible one topic at a time

Bible study topics so far include:

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Bible Verses about Creation

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Bible Verses about Sin

Bible Verses about Salvation

Bible Verses about Who Jesus is

Bible Verses about Jesus and the Work of Christ

Bible Verses about the Holy Spirit

Bible Verses about Forgiveness and the Christian Life

Bible Verses about Holiness and the Christian Life

Bible Verses about the Church

Bible Verses about the End Times: the Second Coming of Christ

Bible Verses about the End Times: Death and Life After Death

Bible Verses about the Future New Heaven and the New Earth